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Foam pellet machine instruction manual

Crusher instructions:
First, the preparation before starting:
1. Clean the material cavity and check all the screws on the whole periphery of the machine for looseness and tightening.
2. Turn the weight wheel by hand to rotate freely, without jamming, check the cracking phenomenon at the discharge port of the crusher and clean it.
3. Check for the presence of metal, stones and other debris in the material to be crushed to prevent damage to the machine inside the machine.
Second, boot:
1. After the above inspection is completed, the machine can be turned on, and the motor control switch is turned on to open the crusher, and the foam is evenly fed into the feed port of the crusher. The crusher is broken into foam blocks with a diameter of less than 10 cm, and then the air inlet machine is introduced. Pipelined to the Extrusion Machine bin for granulation.
crusher foam crusher machine
Extrusion molding instructions for use:
First, the preparation before starting:
1. Before starting the machine, first check if all the peripheral screws of the machine are loose and fastened. Check if the heating coil is working properly, and if there is any leakage on the line, and handle it.
2. Everything starts to heat up normally. After heating for about 20-50 minutes, (the heating time can be adjusted according to seasonal changes). At the same time, it is necessary to give the nozzles of each head the auxiliary heating to the foam after melting, and there is no solidification. Pull the motor V-belt by hand to make the machine screw rotate freely, and then it can be turned on after there is no card death.

Second, boot:
1. After all the above preparations are normal, the machine can be turned on. After the machine is started, it should be evenly fed. The temperature of the machine should not be high or low, and the temperature required for the raw materials to melt normally will be affected, otherwise the quality and yield of the particles will be affected.
2. After the raw material enters the main machine to melt, it flows into the secondary plasticizing and discharging machine through the main discharge port to carry out secondary plasticization, and some impurities are filtered out. The filtered melted foam enters the plasticizing through the discharge port of the secondary plasticizer. The wire drawing machine is used for wire drawing, and the wire is cooled into the cooling water tank. (The water temperature in the cooling water tank is not too low to prevent the occurrence of broken bars. After normal production, the temperature is lowered again.) After cooling, enter the pelletizer.
Cut the pellets.
Foam Eps Recycling Pelletizer
Third, stop
1. When stopping, wait for the raw materials in the machine to exit before stopping. After the machine is stopped, clean the residual material of the machine inlet and the machine head, so that the normal discharge will not be blocked when the machine is turned on next time.
2. The head part should be separated or removed separately and heated separately before the next consumption.
Fourth, note:
1. It is strictly forbidden to work alone after drinking, sick or excessive fatigue.
2. When manually cutting, do not directly cut the material by hand.
Fifth, maintenance:
1. All bearings are regularly filled with lubricating oil and inspected once a day. When serious wear is found, it should be replaced in time.
2. When the machine is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned inside and outside, and kept safely to prevent rust.

3. Always check the tightening of the bolts of each component to prevent loosening, damage to the machine and accidents.

waste plastic granulator

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